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In General lived as stated and not tuzhil:-) And here the other day stopped normally open sites with certificates from startsll (the latter of which is generally produced at 3 years). I googled and dismay found that Microsoft fix and Apple "rejected" certificates from this Office. Had to urgently look […]

Turn on Let's certificates Encrypt

Plugin For the visually impaired (For visually impaired) = The plugin includes: = * Enable or disable the display of images (pictures), when you disable-shows the title or alt image; * Choose font (2) <strong>(Arial, Times New Roman)</strong>; * Change the font size (5 modes) <strong>(14px, 16px, 18px, 22px, 26px)</strong>; […]

Plugin for WP "for the visually impaired"-v 0.3

In the past year acquired under several tablets Megaphone Login 3 (incidentally costs-quality characteristics it ahead of all other proposals). A year has passed, the warranty was over-decided to make some experiments with the tablet. Before any experiments (and not only) care must be taken to ensure you have a […]

Restore Tablet Megafon Login 3