Plugin for WP for the visually impaired "

Plugin for the visually impaired. For free!

Plugin For the visually impaired (For visually impaired)

= The plugin includes: =
* Enable or disable the display of images (pictures), gray pictures;
* Choose font (2) <strong>(Arial, Times New Roman)</strong>;
* Change the font size (5 modes) <strong>(14px, 16px, 18px, 22px, 26px)</strong>;
* Change line spacing;
* Change the spacing between characters;
* Change the page background (5 modes) <strong>(black on white, white on black, dark-blue on blue, Brown to beige, Green to dark brown)</strong>;
* Add the button widgets;

* Add a button in the menu;
* Add short code[FTVI];

Tested on standard themes, WP, if that is not write-fix:-)


UPD (below will write that added).

* When you turn on for the visually impaired to body class is added to the visually-impaired-controls-enable, at shutdown-retracted.
* If you disable images on their site text appears (games or Alto).

* Add in the menu;

Underway (in progress, not to forget:-)):

Change the styles button

Different variations of the panels (e.g. exit is on the right/left)



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for the new version started a new entry (open for comments)




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